Studium Theologicum Salesianum Library Catalog

Welcome to the STS Library Catalog!

Our collection of books contains more than 40.000 titles in several languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew.

The fields of knowledge covered are: Dogmatic Theology, Sacred Scripture, Exegesis and Archaeology, Moral Theology, Canon Law, Patristic Writings, Church History, Spirituality, Pastoral Theology, Liturgy, Ecumenism and Oriental Churches, Judaism, Islam, Middle East, and Philosophy

The library subscribes to almost 100 academic periodicals.

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Days Open: Monday – Saturday
Hours Open: 8.45 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

The library is reserved for students and lecturers of the STS. However, guests can be accepted with the approval of the Librarian or the Principal.

Studium Theologicum Salesianum
Salesian Monastery Ratisbonne
26, Rehov Shmuel Hanagid
P.O.B. 7336
9107202 Jerusalem

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