New Acquisitions RSS feed for public list New Acquisitions "A different priest". by Vanhoye, Albert A fresh look at confession.: by Knight, David M. A History of the Holy Eastern Church V1. The Patriarchate of Alexandria. by Neale, John Mason A history of the Holy eastern church V2. The patriarchate of Alexandria. by Neale, John Mason A human being among not above other human beings: by Thenasseril, Joseph (Editor) A Legacy of Love for the Young by Dias, Elias A new english translation of the septuagint and the other greek translations tradionally included under that title. by Pietersma, Albert A Sociology of Religious Emotion by Riis, Ole A theology of higher education. by Higton, Mike A theology of liberation: history, politics, and salvation by Gutiérrez, Gustavo A virtuous church: Catholic theology, ethics, and liturgy for the 21st century. by Seasoltz, R. Kevin After lives. A guide to heaven, hell and purgatory. by Casey, John All for Love: by Cruz, E. Angels in late ancient christianity. by Muehlberger, Ellen Apostle of the crucified Lord : by Gorman, Michael J., Applied ethics in a world church : Augustine's Commentary on Galatians: by Plumer, Eric Augustus to Constantine : by Grant, Robert M. Catholic engagement with World religions. Catholicism : by O'Collins, Gerald. Celibacy and religious traditions. by Olson, Carl Christ in Christian tradition. Volume 2, Part 3: The churches of Jerusalem and Antioch. by Grillmeier, Alois Christ, our hope. An introduction to eschatology. by O'Callaghan, Paul Christian ethics and the moral psychologies. by Browning, Don S. Christianity and the religions. From confrontation to dialogue. by Dupuis, Jacques Christianity in the lands of the pharaohs: the coptic orthodox church. by Jill, Kamil Communion of immigrants : by Fisher, James Terence. Concepts of mission: by Obonji, Francis Anekwe Constants in context. by Bevans, Stephen and Roger P. Schroeder Coptic civilization: two thousand years of christianity in Egypt. by Gawdat, Gabra Craft of Theology: by Dulles, Avery Creation and covenant: the significance of sexual difference in the moral theology of marriage. by Roberts, Christopher C. Creation and Fall. Temptation: by Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Crossing the threshold of love.: by Shivanandan, Mary Dare we hope "that all men be saved". With a short discourse on hell. by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs Death and afterlife. A theological introduction. by Nichols, Terence Death and the afterlife in the New testament. by Clark Soles, James Debating Christian theism. by Moreland, J. P., Khaldoun Sweis and Chad Meister. Debating moral education : by Kiss, Elizabeth; Euben, J. Peter (eds) Divine evil? The moral character of the God of Abraham. by Bergmann, Michael (ed) Divine Teaching and the Way of the World. A defense of Revealed Religion. by Fleischacker, Samuel Documents of the christian church. by Bettenson, Henry and Chris Maunder (eds.) Don Bosco. A new biography. by Bosco, Teresio Dumitru Staniloae: an ecumenical ecclesiology. by Bordeianu, Radu Edinburgh 2010: by Balia, Daryl and Kim, Kirsteen (eds) Egypt: by Duford, Jane (Contributor) Ethiopian crosses. A cultural history and chronology. by Chojnacki, Stanislaw Evagrius of Pontus : by Evagrius, Evagrius Ponticus and cognitive science: a look at moral evil and the thoughts. by Tsakiridis, George Faith and reason / by Swinburne, Richard. Faithful to the End: Fire of love. Encountering the Holy Spirit. by Goergen, Donald J. Following Christ in Mission: by Karotemprel, Sebastian For Christ's Sake: by Cruz, E. Four portraits, one Jesus : by Strauss, Mark L. Free the copts: from ancient glory to modern oppression. by Tadros, Rami Friendship and the moral life / by Wadell, Paul J. Fulfillment in Christ : by Grisez, Germain Gabriel, Gazing on God: Trinity, church and salvation in orthodox thought and iconography. by Andreopoulos, Andreas God and Being: by Pattison, George God and moral law : by Murphy, Mark C. God, science, sex, gender : Grace and christology in the early church / by Fairbairn, Donald. Gregory of Nazianzus on the Trinity and the Knowledge of God: by Beeley, Christopher A. Gregory of Nyssa and the grasp of faith : by Laird, M. S. Guidance in spiritual direction. by Doyle, Charles Hugo Hermeneutical inquiry / by Klemm, David E., Hermeneutical inquiry / by Klemm, David E., His broken body: understanding and healing the schism between the roman catholic and eastern orthodox churches. by Cleenewerck, Laurent A. I figli del Corano : by Gianazza, Pier Giorgio. In Heaven's Name: by Cruz, E. Interfaith dialogue. A catholic view. by Fitzgerald, Michael and John Borelli Introducing the Old Testament by Coggins, Richard Introducing theologies of religions. by Knitter, Paul F. Jewish believers in Jesus: the early centuries. by Skarsaune, Oskar and Reidar Hvalvik (eds.) John Calvin: by Calvin, John La famiglia culla della fede by Gianazza, Pier Giorgio Lenten grace.: by Daughters of St. Paul Liturgy with style and grace / by Huck, Gabe. Living the truth : by Demmer, Klaus, Magisterium: by Sullivan, Francis A. Martin Luther: by Kolb, Robert Matthew 1-7: a commentary. by Luz, Ulrich. Matthew 21-28: a commentary. by Luz, Ulrich. Matthew 8-20: a commentary. by Luz, Ulrich. Moral action in a complex world: Franciscan perspectives by Mitchell, Daria Moral formation according to Paul: the context and coherence of Pauline ethics. by Thompson, James W. Moral struggle and religious ethics: on the person as classic in comparative theological contexts. by Clairmont, David A. Moral theology for the twenty-first century : by Clague, Julie; Hoose, Bernard; Mannion, Gerard (eds) Moral traditions: an introduction to world religious ethics. by Heidt, Mari Rapela. Natural moral law in contemporary society. by Zaborowski, Holger Navigating the interior life. Spiritual direction and the journey to God. by Burke, Daniel Nestle-Aland Novum testamentum Graece. 28th revised edition. by Aland, Kurt, Barbara Aland, Johannes Karavidopoulos, Carlo M. Martini (Eds.) New directions in mission and evangelization 1: Basic statements 1974-1991. by Scherer, James A. New directions in mission and evangelization 2: Theological foundations. by Scherer, James A. and Stephen B. Bevans Newman and Gadamer : by Carr, Thomas K., Newman: by Chadwick, Owen No other name? A critical survey of Christian attitudes toward the World religions. by Knitter, Paul F. Origen: by Heine, Ronald E. Oxford Bible Atlas. by Curtis, Adrian Paul. His Story. by Murphy-O'Connor, Jerome Pelagius's commentary on St Paul's Epistle to the Romans / by Pelagius. Perfect Martyr: by Matthews, Shelly Peter Lombard: by Rosemann, Philipp W. Praying Scripture for a Change. An Introduction to Lectio Divina. by Gray, Tim Preaching the Gospel of John. by O'Grady, John F. Radical Christianity in Palestine and Israel: liberation and theology in the middle east. by Kuruvilla, Samuel J. Rationality and religious commitment. by Audi, Robert Reading patristic texts on social ethics: issues and challenges for twenty-first century Christian social thought. by Leemans, Johan Real presence : by Duffy, Regis A. Reason & Religious Belief: by Peterson, Michael Rediscovering John: by Chrupcala, L. Daniel (Editor) Religion and politics in the Middle East: identity, institutions and attitudes. by Lee, Robert D. Religion and the people of Western Europe, 1789-1989 by McLeod, Hugh Religion in American Life: by Butler, Jon Saint Francis de Sales: by Boenzi, Joseph Salesian Youth Ministry: by Salesian Youth Ministry Department Salvation and Liberation by Boff, Clodovis Science and Religion: by Dennett, Daniel C. Sexual ethics: a theological introduction. by Salzman, A. Todd and Lawler G. Michael. Spiritual Sinology by Ferrero, Michele Spirituality and moral theology: essays from a pastoral perspective. by Keating, James. Teaching with authority. A theology of the Magisterium in the church. by Gaillardetz, Richard R. The analogy of grace : by McKenny, Gerald P., The Anchor Bible dictionary. Volumne 2. D-G The Ancient Traditions of the Virgin Mary's Dormition and Assumption by Shoemaker, Stephen J. The Bible As Literature: by Gabel, John B. The Christian and Judaic invention of history / The coming of God. Christian eschatology. by Moltmann, Jurgen. The common good of constitutional democracy: by Rhonheimer, Martin The Concise Encyclopedia of Orthodox Christianity. by McGuckin, John Anthony The covenants of the prophet Muhammad with the christians of the World. by Morrow, John Andrew The cult of Saint Thecla : by Davis, Stephen J. The death of a prophet: the end of Muhammad's life and the beginnings of Islam. by Shoemaker, Stephen J. The Death of Scripture and the Rise of Biblical Studies. by Legaspi, Michael C. The death of the Messiah: from Gethsemane to the grave. A commentary on the passion narratives in the four gospels. Volume 1. by Brown, Raymond E. The evolution of altruism and the ordering of love / by Pope, Stephen J., The Father's spirit of sonship : reconceiving the Trinity by Weinandy, Thomas G. The first urban christians: the social world of the apostle Paul. by Meeks, Wayne A. The Gospel and epistles of St John.: by Brown, Raymond E. The Gospel of John. Volume II.: by Keener, Craig S. The gospel of Mark: a commentary. by Moloney, Francis J. The Incarnation: by Davis, Stephen T. (Editor) The letters of Paul / by Cousar, Charles B. The Lord's Prayer by Putzu, Sal The Memory of the Salesian Province of Bombay (1928-1998) by Gonsalves, Peter The Metaphysics of the Incarnation: by Cross, Richard The mysteries of Jerusalem: by Ackerman, Adam The Next Christendom. The Coming of Global Christianity. by Jenkins, Philip The oxford handbook of Aquinas by Davis, Brian and Eleanor Stump The Oxford handbook of early Christian studies / The Oxford handbook of eschatology. by Walls, Jerry L. (ed.) The Redemption by Davis, Stephen T. (Editor) The resurrection of God incarnate by Swinburne, Richard The roots of a dream.: by Charmoille, Jean-Noël The sacred conversation. The art of catholic preaching and the new evangelization. by Mele, Joseph The sacredness of the person: by Joas, Hans The season of Emmanuel.: by Murdy, Kay The sixteenth century by Cameron, Euan (Editor) The social doctrine of the Church, leaven for integral development.: by Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace The spiritual life. A treatise on ascetical and mystical theology. by Tanquerey, Adolphe The Sunni-Shi'a divide: Islam's internal divisions and their global consequences. by Betts, Robert Brenton The Ten Commandments : by Rooker, Mark F. The Three ages of interior life. Vol 1. by Garrigou-Lagrange, Reginald The Three ages of interior life. Vol 2 by Garrigou-Lagrange, Reginald The tragedy of the templars: the rise and fall of the crusaders states. by Haag, Michael Theodore the Stoudite : by Cholij, Roman, Theodosius II: rethinking the roman empire in late antiquity. by Kelly, Christopher Theological aesthetics. God in imagination, beauty and art. by Viladesau, Richard Theological anthropology. A christian vision of human beings. by Kuttianimattathil, Jose Theological foundations for environmental ethics: reconstructing patristic and medieval concepts. by Schaefer, Jame Theology for beginners by Sheed, F. J. Things hidden since the foundation of the world / by Girard, Ren,̌ Thomas Aquinas' trinitarian theology. A study in theological method. by Smith, Timothy L. Toward a Christian theology of religious pluralism. by Dupuis, Jacques Toward mutual fecundation and fulfilment of religions : by Manimala, Varghese, J. Towards reforming the international financial and monetary systemes in the context of global public authority. by Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace Transforming mission: by Bosch, David J. Universal salvation : by Ludlow, Morwenna. Was Jesus God? by Swinburne, Richard Water. An Essential Element for Life by Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, What are they saying about Paul and the law? / by Koperski, Veronica. Why humanae vitae was right: a reader. by Smith, Janet E. Witnesses of Evangelical Radicalism: Witnesses of the Living God: by Chávez-Villanueva, Pascual You are made for eternity.: by Quadrio, Giuseppe